Organic nutrients for growing cannabis

Organic nutrients and soil fertilizers for growing marijuana & cannabis

Cannabis, Marijuana & Hemp Seedlings: As you are aware, marijuana seedlings are very sensitive to many things, nutrients included. Introducing heavy nutrients or having them in your soil will often kill young seedlings.

Our Custom Garden Blend rabbit manure product will NOT burn your seedlings or baby clones. We take our Ph balanced soil without added nutrients and we sprinkle the manure right on top of the soil and then water normally (as needed). You can watch it break down over a 3-4 week period adding all of its goodness to your soil. By that time she is ready to be put into her forever 5 or 15 gallon pot.

Before we transplant this seedling, we want to be sure we already added our Volcanic Wabbit manure to the new soil we prepared. This keeps a steady time-release flow of these natural ingredients everywhere through-out our soil (which is awesome for our roots). Those specific ingredients and NPK values can be found on our rabbit manure page.

You can view a short video here on how much to use and how frequently to replenish the manure.

Vegetative Stage Nutrients

Organic fertilizers & nutrients for vegetative marijuana plants

Now that we have transplanted our seedling, the rabbit manure will have her quickly jumping into a strong vegetative stage (which as we know is necessary for an even better flowering stage).

Once our plant has a few branches started (see photo), we suggest adding our NitroPro product to the top of the soil. For a 5 gallon pot you could spread 20 to 30 pellets around the plant. Your cannabis plants will love the immediate nitrogen boost and it will show in the plants thriving growth. You should repeat this process in 4 weeks (unless you have an auto-flowering plant and it has already gone into flowering by that time). Until then you can also use our Rabbit Rain tea bags to be rotated into your watering schedule.

Up until this point, we have been able to use only rainwater as an additive to what we already have in our soil. We are ONLY watering when the plant really needs it (see for more info.)

Changing nutrients for the flowering stage

Organic nutrients and soil fertilizers for flowering marijuana & cannabis plants

The flowering stage of cannabis is our second favorite stage (next to the harvesting stage). It is also a transitional period for the plant. The flowering marijuana plant requires much more phosphorus and other nutrients as it moves into and succeeds at this stage.

When you have moved your plants into the flowering stage of cannabis, we recommend you now add our PhosPro product. This organic & natural product has high phosphorus seabird guano added to the rabbit manure. All of the plants energy will now be focused on the flowering of the plant and we want to give it everything it needs to thrive until harvest!

The number of weeks always vary depending upon your strains, but you can safely repeat this process every 4 weeks with PhosPro without damage to your plants.

You have now taken some serious organic steps in the success of your plants growth.


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