100% natural & organic plant nutrients & soil fertilizers

"Just say NO" to store bought or synthetic chemical nutrients. We offer solutions created by Mother Nature including proprietary combinations by our NRO Founders. Discover what your green thumb has been missing. The original Nasty Rabbit Organics.

Why Rabbit Manure?

It is Mother Nature's own time-release feeding system for plants & soil. Take a few moments and find out why this organic fertilizer was made for the plants on our planet.

Rabbit manure is better, safer and healthier than retail chemical or synthetic nutrients that can actually damage your soil.

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    NRO Sampler Pack - The perfect way to try our line of products. We have assembled our top sellers […]

  • Peace of Heaven Acres

    From our farm direct to you. We have vegetarian bunnies working overtime just for you and your gardens! […]

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    Looking to get the most out of your garden? Consider our PRO line of organic nutrients & natural fertilizers […]

  • Exclusive Organic Products

    These original and unique products were developed 'in farm' & are exclusive to Nasty Rabbit Organics […]

Innovation in Organic Fertilization

Nasty Rabbit Organics

People, animals, plants & planet

Just the FACTS

Now you can completely eliminate store bought chemical nutrients & fertilizers in all your plant, garden, lawn or farming needs. Join us in having a positive impact on our planet, not to mention the unbelievable results!

  • ORGANIC rabbit manure products
  • ORGANIC blended bat guano (Pro products)
  • ORGANIC blended seabird guano (Pro products)
  • SAVE money, help your plants & your soil
  • NATURAL | All organic ingredients
  • We use ONLY 100% recyclable packaging

Proudly made in America

What's your growing challenge?

Discover our natural solutions for your growing success

100% natural & organic rabbit manure
Custom Garden Blend

We ship our products direct to you from our farm. Keeping bunny unemployment low since 2016 […]

Rabbit manure coated with high nitrogen bat guano
Nitro Pro Blend

Rabbits eat plants and then turn it right back into nutrients and food for those plants. Full circle […]

Volacanic mineral soil supplements
Volcanic Wabbit

You will not believe your eyes & ears when we explain what this product can do for your plants & soil. […]